Implement new content standards
 with a focus on continuous improvement

Field-tested and informed by educators, the tool gives school and district leaders a straightforward, one-stop-shop framework and common language to assess where they are in standards implementation and move to where they want to be.

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A research-based, customizable tool designed to help educators at all levels of education

"The matrix helped us, as teachers, to contextualize our collaboration from a broader perspective. It also helped us reflect on our collaboration, our curriculum, our instruction, and our assessment in deeper manners. Since then, we have consistently been able to return to our work using the matrix to support our efforts at supporting our diverse learners."

Middle School
 Teacher Leader

"I plan on working with the district’s Leadership Collaborative Planning Team (district directors and site principals) to re-introduce the Instructional Leadership Matrix to assess our work this year, and to make the necessary adjustments to our professional learning for the remainder of the year."

CA District Assistant Superintendent

"The matrix has been instrumental in helping my leadership team speak a common language. It has allowed us to be more focused in our goal setting and progress monitoring."

High School Principal

Create a Custom Matrix

The Matrix helps leaders consider their work across four key Domains: Instructional Leadership, Effective Assessment, Challenging Standards, Quality Curriculum. Each domain consists of three to four strands, and each strand contains four dimensions of scale. Creating a custom Matrix allows you to hone in on just the strands and dimensions of scale appropriate to the current focus of your work. Whether you’re scaling a new initiative, have work underway, or want to understand the success of something already done the Matrix supports leaders at any stage in their work.

Educator Built and Research Backed

Born out of of our CA Insights research, the Center's team of education leaders developed the Matrix, in consultation with dozens of California school leaders to facilitate documenting, assessing and communicating progress and priorities toward scaling change to every classroom.

Learn more about the research behind the Matrix’s dimensions of scale.

Use the Matrix in California and Beyond

While the Matrix was originally developed to implement the California State Standards, it can help leaders scale all types of education reforms with a focus on continuous improvement. And, the Matrix isn’t just for California based work. We created the National Matrix to support work anywhere in the US. Just chose your context when starting a new Custom Matrix.

CA US Look for the badges to select the content for your region.

Partner Features

As a benefit to our school and district partners we developed a suite of features to support and enrich deep work with the Matrix.

Partner features include:

  • Share and Collaborate — Share custom Matrices with your team to communicate and collaborate on your plan
  • Take Notes — Track progress, document learning, or make notes: each cell contains a text field to use as you like
  • Upload Evidence — Upload all common file types to any cell you like
  • Color Coding — Color code any cell to communicate priority, document progress, set focus or create whatever system works for your plan

Interested in accessing Matrix Partner features or learning more about Matrix-based support? Get in touch!

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The Paper Matrix

Not into all the fancy technology? The Matrix started out on paper and can still be used just as well that way. Both the California and National Matrix are available for download.

P.S. You can still create a custom Matrix using the Paper Matrix — Just grab a pair of scissors and a glue stick!